AccuTracking Installation Guide: iDEN (non-CDMA) Phones from Boost Mobile and Sprint

(Also applies to all iDEN phones by other non-US carriers)
Check if your phone is compatible here.

Note: AccuTracking requires a Boost Mobile phone with GPS, and the "50 cents per day" Web Features". Make sure you have Boost Mobile Pay As You Go plan or the unlimited plan.

Overview of Installation Steps:

1. Install AccuTracking on the phone

2. Configure Cell Phone Software

3. Online Tracking

4. Monitoring phones from Google Earth

5. Monitoring phones from Microsoft MapPoint

6. Troubleshooting

1. Install AccuTracking on the phone

1.1). Click here to send AccuTracking software to your iDEN phone. Note: works only for iDEN phones carried by Boost Mobile or Sprint in US. For phones outside US, install with a USB data cable.

1.2). Wait a few minutes. Then from the main idle screen on the phone. Press the "menu" key on the keypad (the key with the popup menu icon), then go to "Games & Apps" > "Download Apps" > "New Purchases". Hightlight "AccuTracking" and press "SELECT" > "GET IT". If you do not see AccuTracking program there, go to "Menu" > "My Info";. If "Line 1" is empty, press "Edit" and enter your phone number, then go to the "New Purchases" menu again.

1.3). If you still don't see "AccuTracking" after entering "Ine 1" info in 1.2), you'll have to install using a USB data cable.

2. Configure AccuTracking Software

2.1). From the main idle screen, start AccuTracking on the phone by pressing the "menu" key on the keypad (the key with the popup menu icon), then go to "Games & Apps" > "More" > "AccuTracking" to finish the installation. When running for the first time, the program will ask you to provide a Tracker ID. The tracker ID is obtained from the following steps:

2.2). Go to from your computer (NOT your mobile device) to register. Then login into your account, on "Manage Units" page, choose an easy to remember nick name for your phone, click "Generate Tracker ID" button. An ID will be generated for you.

2.3). Start AccuTracking on the phone. From the AccuTracking main screen, press the "menu" key on the phone keypad (the key with the popup menu icon), you'll see a list of menu items. Choose "Setup...", then move the cursor to tracker ID field (on most phone models: press menu button, you will see a list of input methods: Alpha/Word/Symbols/Numeric/Languages. Select "Numeric"), enter the tracker ID just generated and select "OK". Use "*" key as the delete key.

The Tracker ID field should take EXACT 10 digits. If the phone wouldn't take the whole 10 digits, please see here.

2.4). To access the main menu, on the AccuTracking screen, press the "menu" key on the phone keypad, you will see a list of menu items. To quit AccuTracking, select "Exit".

2.5). Some basic operations:
- "Run in background" command will send the application to background while still running.
- "Setup" command will bring up the option screen to set the sending interval, Smart Sending preferences (see FAQ for more details).
- "Exit" will terminate the AccuTracking application.

3. Online Tracking

3.1). With the AccuTracking application running on your phone, go to an open air place and wait a few minutes until it says 'Latitude Longitude Speed Heading Altitude' and the status line shows "Sent" with a timestamp. Your position, speed and heading data has now been sent to the server and will be sent periodically.

If you see the error message on the screen reads "Cant connect", you don't have the "35 cents per day" Wireless Web Features from Boost Mobile. See the troubleshooting section below.

3.2). Log into and click "Tracking". You will see the locations and history of your phone.

4. (Optional) Monitor phones from Google Earth

Please see here for how to track your phone in Google Earth.

5. (Optional) Monitor phones from Microsoft MapPoint

If you already have Microsoft MapPoint software version 2004 or later installed, you can monitor the phone locations from Microsoft MapPoint on your PC. Please download the MapPoint Add-in from your "Account > Download" page and follow the AccuTracking MapPoint Add-in Help to install and use it. You'll need to choose "Package 2" in your AccuTracking account setting to use this feature.

6. Troubleshooting

Please see our knownledgebase page for troubleshooting.