What's Hot GPS? What's the drawbacks of Hot GPS?

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Since v3.4.0 on Blackberry phones and iDEN phones:

With hot GPS enabled, the phone refreshes and sends your position online every 10 seconds (roughly, the actual interval may vary due to the time used for GPS acquisition and sending data over the network). The software keeps GPS chipset from cooling down between fixes, thus keeps it 'hot', resulting in quicker position fixing. Hot GPS will drain more battery power (about 50% more).

Before v3.4.0:

The hot GPS option only keeps the GPS chipset hot but does NOT send out data every 10 seconds. Instead, the data interval is set by the "Send Interval" setting.

How to change Hot GPS setting:

To change Hot GPS settings, go to AccuTracking "Setup" screen on the phone, enable or disable HOT GPS there.


When "Hot GPS" is enabled, "Sending Interval" setting is ignored.

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