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How does the billing work? What is subscription expiration date?

AccuTracking is a pay-as-you-go service - there's no contract or extra fee - you just prepay for another month, quarter or year. When your account subscription ends, it's suspended and you can simply recharge it to resume service (tracking may take a few hours to resume due to the SIM card reprovision process).

You can also renew at any time by clicking the little "gear" icon at the bottom of the map, then click "Account" > "Billing" > "View, Recharge Account".

You can choose to renew for 1 month, or choose to renew 1 quarter or 1 year and get up to 16% off the regular monthly price.

Adding or deleting units under "Manage Units" page will also have the subscription expiration date re-calculated based on the remaining credit and the number of units.

Account can be recharged online with major credit cards.
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