Covert tracking: can AccuTracking be hidden from the phone user?

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On BlackBerry and Android phones it can be set to be auto-start in background and invisible.

Password Protection

There is a feature "password protection" in AccuTracking. When enabled, the password is required when performing the following actions:
1) Start AccuTracking. If the password is incorrect, the program won't show the main screen. Note the program is still running normally in this case, only the main screen is not showing up.
2) Bring AccuTracking from background to foreground. If the password is incorrect, the program main screen won't show up.

Note however, the user can still brutally kill any running application, even shut off the phone.

1. Covert on Motorola iDEN i### series phones

AccuTracking can be set as a "Full-Time App" (on most iDEN models since 2007), which auto starts on phone power-up, and runs in the background covertly.

  • From the phone idle screen, press "menu" key, then go to "Games & Apps" (or "Java Apps" on some model)
  • Enter the following key sequence: *159#
  • You will be prompted for an administrator PIN. The first time this menu is invoked, the default PIN is '0000'. You will be prompted to create a new PIN in this case. This PIN is separate from any other PINs on the device
  • Go to "Full-Time App"on the next screen, then select "AccuTracking" and press "DONE".
  • Remember to also enable the Password Protection as shown in section above.

It takes a few key stokes to find out "AccuTracking" running in the background but because it's a "Full Time App", the phone won't let you kill it from the phone menu and it'll keep running.

2. Covert on BlackBerry

On BlackBerry, AccuTracking can be installed hidden from the phone screen (no icon), and auto start covertly in the background when phone powers up. However, AccuTracking will still show up on the installed program list (Options > Advanced Options > Applications) on the phone and can be uninstalled from there (another however, if you install with JavaLoader, it won't show up there and is 100% covert. You'll have to figure out how to use JavaLoader yourself! :-) ). To use this version on your BlackBerry, download and install the regular version first, then configure and run the program to make sure tracking working (because once the covert version is installed, there's no way to configure it), then install the "covert" version on top of the regular version to hide it (the installation guide).

For the covert version, there's no way to change configuration or perform troubleshooting because there's no screen message or window. The only way to configure it is to install the regular version again on top of the existing covert version.

3. Covert on Android

We have a covert version for Android as well. It has no icon, runs in background, and auto starts with the phone. However, AccuTracking will still show up on the installed program list on the phone and can be uninstalled from there. And the user will see the flashing satellite icon on the notification bar indicating the phone's GPS is active. The covert version is not published to Google's Play Store so you'll have to download and install from our website.

Note that you'll need to install the "Configuration Tool" to configure the app (the installation guide).

4. Covert on Windows Mobile

Since v2.4.0, AccuTracking for Windows Mobile has a new setting "Hidden Mode". In hidden mode, the program runs in the background covertly and will NOT show up in the "Task Manager" list. But to make it auto start when the phone powers on, you'll have to create a shortcut in the "Windows Startup Menu" folder.


  • All the covert versions above still have "AccuTracking" as the application name, which may show up on the "Installed Program List" on the phone. A renamed version is available upon request
  • The phone user may notice the battery life decrease with covert version running in the background. 

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