Can I prevent phone users from viewing the AccuTracking screen? What is "Pwd Protection"?

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There's an option on the phone called "Pwd Protection" that prevents users from viewing the AccuTracking screen

When "pwd protection" is enabled and a password is set, the password is required when performing the following actions:
1) Start AccuTracking. If the password is incorrect, the program won't show the main screen. Note the program is still running normally in this case, only the main screen is not showing up.
2) Bring AccuTracking from background to foreground. If the password is incorrect, the program main screen won't show up.

Only numerical digits are allowed in password field.

Note: the user will still be able to brutally kill the AccuTracking application, or even turn off the phone.

WARNING: Do NOT forget the password! Once the password is lost, the only way to access the AccuTracking settings again is to uninstall and reinstall the software.

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