What messages should I expect to see on the phone screen?

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If everything is working, the messages your should expect to see on the phone screen are (in that order):

1. "Refreshing..."

2. "Position acquired"

3. "Sending data..."

4. "Sent TIMESTAMP" (or "Smart send OK" if you have Smart Sending enabled in settings).

If the phone view of the satellites is poor, you may see "No fix. Waiting..." or "E### not locked". Just move the phone to another spot with a better view of the sky and hold for a while.

If the data plan is not working or the cell signal strength is weak, you may see "Cant connect", "Connect timeout", or "Data cache: #". Try to reboot the phone a few times if you just activated the data plan with your carrier (because data plan provision can take up to 72 hours). Or try again when you see the phone signal has steady 2 or more bars for a while.

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