Package 1, 2, 3: what's the difference?

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Besides the Package 1 tracking features, Package 2 includes the following extra features:

- Tracking reports: daily mileage, stops, transits, time and speed statistics.
- Support MapPoint Add-in, which enables you to track the phone from the Microsoft MapPoint software on your PC.
- Facebook App that allows you to share locations on Facebook.
- Support AccuTracking Data Push to external URL, which sends realtime data to your own server in XML or JSON format.

Package 3 has the following extra feature besides those of Package 2:

- Travel reports with street addresses instead of lat/lon. Click "Reports" after logging into AccuTracking account, then choose "Travel (Address)" from the report type dropdown list.
- Geofence report.
- State mileage report (US only).

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