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Do you support GPS tracker xyz and how do I configure it to work with AccuTracking website?

Yes we support GPS trackers as listed below and are adding more trackers. Please contact us to see if your tracker can be added.

You'll need a SIM card with data plan for the tracker. We recommend US Mobile sim card (using T-Mobile network) with their pay-as-you-go plan ($2 text + $2 data + $2 service charge, or a Speedtalk SIM card (available on Amazon).

To use them with AccuTracking website:

1. Follow your device's user manual, configure your GPS tracker to use the IP and port listed in the table below. Most devices requires a password to change the configuration, which may be obtained from the manufacturer/vendor.
2. Login to AccuTracking website and click "Manage Units"; (Free signup)
3. Click "Add a Unit" and choose "GPS Tracker" from the "Unit type" dropdown list. Fill other fields in the form and click "Generate Tracker ID" button. For the IMEI field, if your device (for example Meiligao tracker) requires you to use partial IMEI as ID, enter the same partial IMEI here (Some TK102 trackers use the last 11 digits of the IMEI only).

Brand/Model IP Port
Original TK### with Xexun protocol 20100
Most TK10#-2, TK103-A/B, GPS103, GPS103-A/B, GPS###,
AccuTracking Starter Kits
Same as above 20101
Some versions of TK###, Keson, Trackmate, other TK### clones Same as above 20102
GL100 Same as above 20103
GL100M, GL200, GL300, SIMCom VL1000,
and their OEM brands such as WorldTracker Enduro Pro,
Spark Nano, SpyTec, eZoom...
Same as above 20104
TK### with Xexun2 protocol Same as above 20106
AVL05, AVL08, Totem etc. Same as above 20107
Enfora Same as above 20108
Meiligao (VT300, VT310, VT###, GT###, PT###...), P008 Same as above 20109
H02, H06, H08, TX-2, TKStar, Sinotrack, etc. Same as above 20113
V680 GPS watch, P10, Topten WT100 watch
TK333 child tracker
Same as above 20116
Navis Same as above 20119
Meitrack (MT##, MVT###...) Same as above 20120
Skypatrol Same as above 20121
GT02 Same as above 20122
GT06 Same as above 20123
Megastek Same as above 20124
GoSafe Same as above 7100
Kingneed, Vjoy Same as above 7101
Teltonika Same as above 8127
TLT-2H, SpyBike/SpyLamp Same as above 8130
Syrus, Trimble Same as above 8131
Wondex Same as above 8132
Cellocator Same as above 8133
Galileo Same as above 8134
Other TK102 clones Same as above 8136
IntelliTrac Same as above 8137
XT7 Same as above 8138
Carscop CCTR-### (e.g. CCTR-800) Same as above 8140
Manpower Same as above 8142
ATrack Same as above 8144
PT3000 Same as above 8145
Topflytech Same as above 8147
Laipac Same as above 8148
Aplicom Same as above 8149
Gotop Same as above 8150
Sanav Same as above 8151
Gator Same as above 8152
Noran, UniGuard Same as above 8153
EasyTrack Same as above 8156
Trimble TAIP Same as above 8157
KDH Same as above 8158
CarTrack iTrackPro Same as above 8161
eeLink, e2Link, vCall Same as above 8164
Freedom Same as above 8166
Visiontek Same as above 8169
Orion Same as above 8170
Ulbotech Same as above 8172
Tramigo Same as above 8173
TR900 Same as above 8174
Ardi_01 Same as above 8175
Xirgo Same as above 8181
CalAmp Same as above 8182
Castel Same as above 8186
MXT Same as above 8187
Cityeasy Same as above 8188
Wonlex,Dreamclub Same as above 8193
Wonlex,Dreamclub Same as above 8193
ThinkRace Same as above 8198
Appello Same as above 8209
Alematics Same as above 8240
SPOT Same as above 8256
OpenGTS Same as above 8259
PT60 Same as above 8264
Telemax Same as above 8265

4. IMPORTANT: configure the device to enable auto track by intervals (refer to your tracker's manual for how to do that). For most devices, you won't see the location online until this is done.
5. Take the tracker outside with a good view of the sky and your location should be online momentarily.
6. If you cannot see the location online, please feel free to email our support with the following info, and we're happy to help!
  • Your tracker's model number
  • IMEI number
  • The port you used
Your tracker might be labeled as one model but is actually using another model's protocol.

Some example configuration text messages:

  1. On AccuTracking website in your account, you should only enter the last 14 digits of the IMEI when adding your device
  2. W000000,010,12345678901234
    12345678901234 is the last 14 digits of the IMEI
  3. W000000,011,pwg
    This is the SIM card’s APN settings.
  4. W000000,012,,20109
    This is our server IP and port
  5. W000000,013,1
    Enable GPRS tracking on TCP
  6. W000000,014,00060
    Set auto track every 60 seconds.
VT300 (older protocol):
  1. Use only the first 14 digits of the IMEI for the IDN field below. The 15th digit is a checksum.
  2. 111111WWW:IDN:99772037440584;IPN:;APN:pwg;COM:20109;RPT:6;
  3. 111111LOG:1:1,4:1,8:1
  4. 111111RUN:1:0,2:0,3:0,4:1,5:0,6:0,7:0,8:1
  1. AT+GTQSS=gl200,pwg,,,2,,0,,20104,,0,,0,0,,,FFFF$
  2. AT+GTCFG=gl200,gl200,GL200,0,0,0,5,0,0,,0,0,1,0,300,0,0,,,,,FFFF$
  3. AT+GTFRI=gl200,1,0,,,0000,2359,60,60,60,60,13,1000,1000,0,5,50,1,0,,FFFF$
  1. AT+GTSRI=gl300,1,,,,,,,,0,1,1,,,,0003$
  2. AT+GTQSS=gl300,pwg,,,2,,0,,20104,,0,,0,0,,,FFFF$
  3. AT+GTCFG=gl300,gl300,GL300,0,0,0,5,0,0,,0,0,1,0,300,0,0,,,,,FFFF$
  4. AT+GTFRI=gl300,1,0,,,0000,2359,60,60,60,60,13,1000,1000,0,5,50,1,0,,FFFF$
  1. begin123456
  2. apnuser123456 pwg
  3. adminip123456 20106
  4. t060s***n123456


  1. APN*123456*pwg
  2. IP*123456*,8140
  3. START*123456

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