What is Smart Sending? Should I enable or disable it? How?

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When the phone stands still in one place for a while, most GPS data are redundant - the same data within the margin of GPS signal error. Smart Sending will only send data when your data is "fresh" hence eliminate most redundant data and save your Data Access Plan bandwidth. For a typical client that is not always moving, Smart Sending option can reduce the network usage significantly.

(Since version 3.2 for Motorola i### phones, not available on BlackBerry) To prevent the Smart Sending from blocking all redundant data when the phone is staying in one place for a long time, and making the phone completely invisible or un-trackable, the Smart Sending will be force-sending data every 30 minutes (heartbeat sending), even if the data is redundant.

Smart Sending is disabled by default to allow redundant data. To change the Smart Sending setting, on main AccuTracking screen, press the menu key (the key with the popup menu icon) on the phone keypad, select "Setup...", then check "Smart Sending" option.

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