How does the billing work? What is subscription expiration date?

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The cost consists of 2 parts:

1) AccuTracking service subscription fee you pay to AccuTracking, and
2) Your phone's data plan which you pay to your phone company. For Boost Mobile prepaid phones, it's deducted from your prepaid credits; For other phones, it's on the phone's monthly bills.

AccuTracking is a pay-as-you-go service: when your account credit reaches zero (subscription expired), you will be redirected to the payment page to recharge your account. During this time your phone is still being tracked and there's no tracking data loss, but you'll not be able to view the online tracking data till it's recharged.

The first week of AccuTracking service is free. No credit card is asked. After that you can choose whether to renew the service or not.

You can get to the payment page by logging into your AccuTracking account, then click "Account" > "Billing" > "View, Recharge Account".

You can choose to renew for 1 month, or choose to renew 1 quarter or 1 year and get up to 16% off the regular monthly price.

After the account is renewed, the account subscription expiration date is re-calculated from the payment date based on the number of phones in account. You will be able to login and view the online tracking data.

Adding or deleting units under "Manage Units" page will also have the subscription expiration date re-calculated based on the remaining credit and the number of units.

Account can be recharged online with major credit cards.

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