Can the phone be tracked out of coverage area? How does the data cache work?

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The phone would still keep collecting the GPS data when it's out of the network coverage area. The data will be cached on the phone if it fails to connect to the server. You won't be able to track the phone in real time when it's out of the cell coverage area.

Once it moves back into coverage, all cached data are sent to the server and you will be able to view the cached data and track the phone real-time again.

The cached data records are displayed in red text on the tracking history page.

Note: Cached GPS positions are ignored when calculating the fence alerts.

Note: the cache will be cleared and all cached data will be lost when the AccuTracking application is shut down. The size of the cache is adjustable in the software settings. To change the cache size, from the AccuTracking main screen on the phone, press the "menu key" on the keypad, then select "Setup..." and scroll down to "Cache size".

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