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I am not getting the geofence alerts, or not getting them on time.

There might be several reasons for not receiving geofence alerts or getting them late:

1) The most common reason is that the SMS Email address you specified in "Account Settings" for receiving the SMS alerts is incorrect so the alerts were not able to be delivered to your phone. Login to your AccuTracking account, click "Alerts", if you can see the alerts history there but didn't receive any on your phone, the SMS Email in your account setting is likely wrong. SMS Email address looks like Common mistakes includes using a non 10 digit phone number in front of the @, or other typo. To test: try to send a short email to the SMS email address from your regular email address (Yahoo, Gmail) and see if you receive the message on the phone.

2) The fence needs to be "enabled". Make sure the "enabled" checkbox is checked on fence page: "Account" > "Useful Shortcuts" > "Manage Fences".

3) The alert preferences need to be set to at least one of the two options "Email" or "SMS" on account setting page:  "Account" > "General" > "Account Settings".

4) The fences can only be calculated when new GPS data is reported by the tracker. So if you have the "sending interval" too long or the tracker is not reporting because of bad GPS signal or poor network coverage, the server may not get the new GPS data.

5) The cached GPS positions and network positions are ignored when calculating the fence alerts.

6) The delay of the Email or SMS system.

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