I see message "Position acquired" on the phone but cannot see any data online.

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It is very much like the data plan problem or the cell network signal strength problem.

On the phone screen, it should read "Signal ##%" above the "Battery: ##%" line. The signal level should be at least 50%. Try again when you see the phone signal has 2 or more bars.

If everything is working, the messages your should expect to see on the phone screen are: "Refreshing...", then "Position acquired", "Sending data...", and finally "Sent TIMESTAMP".

Here are some more steps to troubleshoot:
1) From the AccuTracking main screen on the phone, press "menu key" on the keypad, select "Setup...", uncheck "Smart Sending", then press OK.
2) Do a manual refresh: from the AccuTracking main screen on the phone, press the key under command "Refresh". You should see the screen reads "Refreshing...", then "Position acquired", "Sending data...", and "Sent TIMESTAMP".

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