What is tracking report? How accurate is it?

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If you are subscribed to Package 2 or up, there is a "Report" feature. You can get the following reports within a specified time range:

- Tracking Summary Report. This will show the total mileage, total transit time, total stop time, number of stops, average transit time, average stop time, and max speed for each unit.

- Travel Report. This gives the detailed travel and stop report including begin time, end time, duration, coordinates, max speed, and mileage.

- Travel Report with Address (Package 3 only). This report is the same as the Travel Report above except for showing addresses instead of coordinates.

- Geofence Report (Package 3 only) - shows begin time, end time, duration, max speed, and mileage when inside and out of fences.

- State Mileage Report (US only. Package 3 only) - shows mileage inside each state, first time in the state, last time in the state. Mileages are grouped by each state and by each unit. Useful for fuel tax purpose.

Cell tower locations obtained by "Cell Tower Fix" are not included in the reports as they are not the real position of the phone.


The accuracy of the report can be affected by:

1. The data sending interval setting on the phone. The shorter the sending interval is, the more accurate the report is. Recommend setting to 5 minutes or less for better report results.

2. The GPS and network quality. For poor GPS signal, the phone may not be able to acquire the position all the time and skip the data. For poor network coverage, the phone may not able to send out the data all the time.

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