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Can I receive tracking alerts on my cell phone? How?

Yes. To receive tracking alerts (geofence alert, speed alert, battery alert, inactivity alert, inside fence duration alert), just login to your AccuTracking account, then go to "Account" > "General" > "Account Settings":

1) Set "Alert Preferences" to "SMS", and
2) Enter the correct "SMS Email" for your phone.

What's SMS Email? 

To send SMS geofence alerts to your cell phone, AccuTracking uses Email to SMS Gateway provided by most cell phone providers. The SMS Email is your phone's email address, which is just like a normal email address, but any message sent to it will be relayed to your cell phone. The table below lists some popular cell phone companies' SMS email addresses. For other providers or countries, please check with your provider. Or search it on Google. (A reference page)

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